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Faster, Better, Cheaper Data Analytics for Sustainability and Resilience.

At Quantum Speed.

Accelerate the Clean Energy and Carbon Transition.

How do we do it, you ask?
Let's dig a little deeper.
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TerraNexum QM1. Containerized Quantum Apps in the Cloud. Or on the Ground.

QM1 is our first Quantum Module, a patent-pending, Docker-like architecture for running quantum software. Such software allows data to be represented in a way that enables solutions to be measured quite rapidly on true quantum computers. However, today's quantum computers are still very expensive to operate and maintain.

We develop quantum circuits using quantum software. However, instead of running these circuits on true quantum computers, we simulate quantum performance using classical computers that employ hardware acceleration. The result: speed increases that are still greater than what you would get by spending an equal amount elsewhere.

Our approach cannot replace the eventual need for true quantum computers that are smaller and cheaper than they are today. However, for a large number of significant image processing and analytics steps that companies must run today, a drop-in replacement of a slow step with a QM can add great value.

You Have a need.


A Need For Speed.


Where We Serve


Geospatial Big Data Processing + Analytics For Sustainability and Resilience


Supporting Geothermal Energy Development + Critical Minerals Exploration
  • Read below for more context about the challenges facing geothermal energy development. More literature to come soon.


Carbon Sequestration with Clean Energy + Monitoring and Verification Support
*Project OVERSIGHT By Loren

Plug-and-play acceleration.

Quantum modules (QMs) are a patent-pending architecture for enabling quantum software to interface with everyday computing workflows. It's very much like a Docker container for quantum applications, which we call QApps.

If you have at least one slow workflow step running on a container, virtual machine, or computing instance, as is the case in many processing and analytics workflows like the cloud-based one below, why upgrade all your hardware when you can drop in a replacement for that slow step. Same data in, same data out, just much less time going from in to out. At least 100x as fast as the step you replaced, or you can request a full refund. If you encounter this, we will offer 8 free hours of our time to help you reach a successful QM experience.

Best of all, no code changes are needed. Wherever the output went in the preceding step will be where the QM accepts input, and likewise the QM will deliver its output to wherever the subsequent step retrieved its input. For a Cloud QM, this would be cloud storage (S3 for example in AWS). These locations can be selected from the QM's control software for a plug-and-play experience.

Also, no quantum computing expertise is needed as long as our QMs are simulators and not true quantum computers. At some point, quantum computers will likely get smaller and cheaper and we may make the switch within our Edge QMs. The same software we use for all our QMs will be usable for true quantum computers as well.

As we develop new QApps to accelerate more workflow steps, you'll be notified. That way you'll always know what's available, in case you might have a need for speed on other processing steps as well.

If your data live in the cloud, then you should use a QM that's accessible from the cloud. However, there are cases where cloud access might be intermittent or absent. For such cases, our portable Edge QMs contain everything needed to support one containerized quantum app at a time with all the storage and eventual cloud data transfer you might need.

QMs. Everywhere.

You can use our QMs in the cloud, in the office or data center alongside your other systems, or in portable data centers at the edge. There are some very demanding, data-intensive applications where cloud access is often not possible, such as in 3D and 4D seismic data collection for oil and gas exploration. Such processing is also needed in developing renewable geothermal energy: always-on, 100% baseload power without the expense of batteries for energy storage.

Many of our QMs will certainly find great use for the customer need they were designed for, which is to accelerate slow image processing and analytics steps in geospatial big data pipelines. It’s hard to beat faster time to actionable results at lower cost.

However, we see that software containers like Docker are now everywhere, and because of that, QMs may also find many other uses as well. A great many companies are using containers today because they have big enough data to send into their workflows, requiring multiple machines to run the same software. Such a step is likely to be a bottleneck in the entire workflow, perfect for one or more QMs.

If one QM can do the job of just 2 high-end machines for image processing, you’ll save money since you may end up needing many more such machines to see a 100x speedup. You’ll still have the same data going in and out, but QMs allow for those data to be represented and acted upon in a much more scalable way.

Technical Data Sheets

Our first product, the QM1, is a tabletop, touchscreen-equipped unit. The QM1 will include just one containerized quantum application at first, Q-Ortho. This application will demonstrate the usefulness of our QMs by accelerating a very slow but common processing step in geospatial image processing/analytics workflows.


Learn what our QMs are designed to do, what speeds and cost savings can be expected, and our roadmap for serving your company's data processing and analytics needs.

Example Workflow

Click the above for a larger image of how a QM can be inserted into a cloud workflow to replace existing containerized algorithms responsible for particular processing steps.

Technical Details

Learn how QMs are designed to operate and how they can accelerate processing and analytics workflows through quantum simulation.

Open, Transparent Pricing

We don't need a huge sales team to try to extract your very last dollar because your dollars are far more valuable toward enhancing the value you bring to your customers and their important work. You know what you're paying now, and you know you want to pay less than that for better service. Here is how we can make that happen:

[Your Annual Savings] = [Your Current Annual Bill] - [Your Annual QM Bill]

[Your Annual QM Bill] = [Annual Lease] + [Annual Usage]

The Annual Lease starts at a flat $20k per QM. That's as much as you would pay per year for one or two high-end image processing machines in the cloud, but with faster processing times. If your data needs exceed 20 TB of storage, the Annual Lease goes up to $60k per QM. The Annual Usage fee is measured in gigabyte-seconds (GB-s).

As an example, say that your previous workflow allowed you to process 10 GB in 100 seconds. That's 1000 GB-s. Our QM now enables you to process 10 GB in 1 second which is 10 GB-s. Your Annual Usage fee will depend on all jobs run, according to the price per GB-s at the time of the job. This price will be updated frequently to remain in line with that of major cloud providers so that you will always experience savings from your 100x speedup compared to before.

Where QMs Can Have an Impact

We see there will be quite a few quantum apps we can develop to serve many industry applications. Although only one app can run at a time on a QM, every QM will have access to the full range of available apps. These will be developed according to customer priorities:

Geospatial Image Processing/Analytics: RGB, Multispectral, Hyperspectral

- 3D and 4D Seismic Data Processing for Renewable Geothermal Energy and Oil/Gas Production
- Grid Optimization for Improved Sustainability and Resilience

Emergency Response: Near Real-Time Data and Analytics for Situational Awareness

Defense and Intelligence
- Earth Observation
- Critical Mineral Identification

Insurtech: Wildfire Risk Measurement and Mitigation

Automotive: Self-Driving Vehicles

Medicine: Medical Imaging, Diagnostic Screening

Security: Facial Recognition

Common QM Questions

Q. Why the effort to build quantum computers if quantum simulation can do a reasonably good job for far less?

A. A quantum computer will always give the fastest speed, but certainly not the fastest speed per dollar spent today. Also, there are some real limitations to quantum simulation that may prevent a 100x speedup from being possible for data above a certain size, depending on the application being used to process that data.


How We Serve

Contact us to reserve a QM for evaluation. You'll be able to make a deposit and we will provide you with access to either a cloud-based or shippable unit for one month.
If you don't see a minimum 100x increase in speed, you can request up to 8 hours of free help to get you there, or a full refund.

When you decide to go for a yearly lease, your deposit will be credited toward that lease. During the year, you will be able to update your QM with other applications expected to become available.

Take a Test Drive

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Use Your Newfound Savings Sustainably.

You can't spend money to save the world if you can't save money delivering what your customers deserve.

Certify Your Carbon Removed.
Or Your Renewable Energy Generated.
Get a Year of Discounted Service.

Help power the energy and carbon transition with the money we save you on a faster, better, cheaper data analytics pipeline.

If a neutral third party can verify your company's emissions reductions or new renewable energy generation from resources you own and operate directly, we will provide you with a year of discounted service. Your discount will be commensurate with the emissions reduction your company has achieved.

Save money.
Save the world.


TerraNexum was founded to address the real challenges in sustainability and resilience facing us all. Timely data and solutions are paramount. The demand for near real-time imagery analytics has never been greater, especially in support of renewable energy and carbon management initiatives.

It is possible that 2023 might be the worst year ever for your customers, especially if they are insurance companies paying out claims for risks that were inadequately accounted for. Or federal agencies, working to allocate funds to ensure resilience in the face of extreme weather events. Or energy companies and utilities needing to meet demand cleanly and reliably.

Or, 2023 could be the best possible year they've ever had. With you to thank for it, of course. When their revenue rises due to your leadership in delivering faster, cheaper, and better results their way, chances are that your revenue will rise as well.

No one needs to know we helped, since the credit should be all yours. Your company is on the front lines every day, delivering products and services to support critical work in sustainability and resilience.

Let us help you to do your critical work even better.
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We Get It.

We know it shouldn't cost you a fortune to add the value your customers deserve. They're doing some important work for sustainability and resilience. We know the quality of the critical decisions they must make should never have to take a back seat to processing time and costs.

When it comes to sustainability and resilience, our familiarity with your customers' needs runs deep. We understand the broad range of technologies needed to deliver a successful energy and carbon transition, which include both technologies designed for environmental monitoring as well as oil and gas exploration. Every such technology will have its own data processing and analytics needs associated with its operation, maintenance, and ongoing performance.

Your customers already understand and appreciate your work in providing them with results from their data. However, there is always more appreciation to be had by providing faster and better service - improved accuracy, broader coverage, or at higher resolution than before. Especially if it didn't cost you a fortune to truly wow your customers.

We also understand that a successful energy and carbon transition will require all hands on deck. Climate tech can't do it alone, or oil and gas, or companies like ours delivering data processing and analytics solutions.

Through our work, we envision we may have a key role in forging new business relationships among the different industries we do business with. Not only for the purpose of helping to break down siloes of thought, but also to foster the development and deployment of cross-disciplinary solutions to achieve our mutual goals in sustainability and resilience.

Cleared for takeoff.

TerraNexum was founded in July 2022. Our focus: using quantum algorithms to identify least-cost, highest-impact networks for rapid emissions reduction. Our team, consisting of subject matter experts in energy, carbon, climate, and computing, had a good sense of the global challenges to sustainability and resilience and the work needed to solve those. We sought to point the way to where the best business opportunities could be created around emissions reduction.

This has been repurposed for our present work. It now informs the processing and routing of data within each quantum module (QM), our product.


No Nonsense.

You need the speed. Without sacrificing quality. And cheaper data processing means freed-up funds for other important uses.

Our ultimate goal: to move the emissions needle. By doing so, many other processes can be improved for the better. We all need faster, cheaper, and better results from our data. Let us help you to meet your goals.

The TerraNexum Team

Our Mission Cannot Be Impossible.


Dahl Winters has been a leader in science R&D and technology initiatives with over 15 years of experience in IT and systems development services. She brings a wealth of expertise with strengths in geospatial big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and R&D innovation strategies to TerraNexum.

Previously, Dahl was the CEO and CTO of DeepScience Ltd, planning and building systems for science and sustainability applications for 7 years. These included developing geospatial big data analytics capabilities for cloud and on-premises systems that processed satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery sources, as well as innovative systems for renewable energy and carbon capture applications. Dahl's experience with containerized applications and more recent experience with quantum computing gave rise to the idea of QMs.

Dahl obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University where she received the Reginaldo Howard full-tuition scholarship for academic merit and leadership. She also holds a Master of Science in Ecology from the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill where she was a predoctoral fellow of the National Science Foundation.

Deep skills. Yet to scratch beneath the surface.


Andy Quezada is a scientist and engineer with two decades of experience in the energy and technology development industries. He has served as a geophysicist, team leader, and advisor for large independent corporations, startup companies and academic research groups.

With a passion for innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies, he has strived for the application of integrative approaches from geophysical, remote sensing and engineering fields to the arising challenges in traditional and renewable energy. His most recent experience serving as a scientist in the renewable energy industry has been focused on climate solutions and streamlining novel applied-science ideas.

With the upsurge of attention on carbon removal and management, Andy's experience will be vital for tapping into the vast amount of human knowledge and technology developed for the oil and gas industry for the benefit of the new carbon and renewable energy economy.

Andy graduated from the University of Texas with a MSc in geophysics, is active in the geoscience and renewable energy communities, as well as being recently involved in mentoring students at the Colorado School of Mines.

Inspirational achievements in climate science.


Dr. Thomas J. Bogdan is a physical scientist, research administrator and science communicator, with demonstrated experience in the public, private and academic sectors, both domestically and internationally. He focuses on enabling investors, policy makers and influencers to bring the best current space and environmental science knowledge to bear on pressing economic, social and national security problems that entail advanced technologies.

As the sixth President of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) from 2012 to 2015, Tom ushered in a series of modern enterprise business solutions that created numerous efficiencies, reduced operating costs, and facilitated enhanced collaborations between the 1400 professional staff members and the allied academic community across the United States and Canada.

As a result, during Tom’s tenure, UCAR was again selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to operate its largest and oldest Federally Funded Research and Development Center, the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The five-year Cooperative Agreement signed by UCAR and the NSF was in excess of one billion dollars.

In addition to these activities, Tom has had an extensive career as a research scientist, having authored over 100 papers in the refereed science literature. He also managed a multi-million-dollar portfolio of research grants with the National Science Foundation.

Tom holds a Doctorate in Physics from the University of Chicago and is a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute’s program in Leadership for a Democratic Society.

Keeping us all on track and moving forward.


Dr. Loren Winters is a founder and officer of TerraNexum, specializing in quantum solutions to promote sustainability. Prior to that, he was a physics educator for forty years and a pioneer in the use of emerging technologies for education. He also developed a program in high-speed imaging that spread nationwide and helped build a consumer market in the field. In addition to teaching, he has done photography professionally, licensing high-speed photos for educational and commercial use. In 2012, he received the Raymond C. Bowman Award from the Society for Imaging Science and Technology for dedication in making high-speed photographic recording available to students.

Setting the Bar for Hard Work


Kato makes sure that certain folks on our team know when it's 6 am and it's time to get to work. He knows how to work hard as well as how to play hard, mostly the latter because he gets his humans to do the work on his behalf.

Kato knows how to climb his mountains and command his paddle board like no other. There is not an obstacle he cannot overcome on 4 legs. Definitely an inspiration for his humans, who are on an equally great adventure.

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