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TerraNexum QGO is our evolving platform for scaling out geothermal energy, carbon sequestration, and high-value infrastructure. It indicates profitable projects through integrated infrastructure - co-locating synergistic projects. It is available for early preview at:


As our spatial and temporal resolution improves, our use of AI, quantum optimization, and geospatial data analytics will enable showcasing project cost and time reductions through community benefits and engagement opportunities.

Green: potential sources of clean energy. Yellow: where fuels are burned to produce energy. Red: the largest emissions sources.

QGO: Quantum Geospatial Optimizer

Key Features

  1. Project Identification: QGO will use a wide selection of surface and subsurface data to find value-generating sustainable projects meeting community needs and resources, leveraging economic, social, and environmental factors.
  2. Resource Mapping: The goal of using QGO is to highlights the people and resources required to make these projects profitable, considering available assets and infrastructure.
  3. Integrated Infrastructure Visualization: Project layouts will be optimized for synergy and efficiency, to enable easier visualization and understanding of how projects and their interconnections can be co-located.
  4. Profitability Analysis: Our strategy to ensure profitability is to align projects with sources that generate high value. Data centers are in high demand but have high energy needs. US DoE and NREL cost models will provide added confidence.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging local data via AI will provide insights into project feasibility and potential challenges.
  6. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: QGO has incorporated features to inform users of mineral rights, surface rights, and legal complexities related to project implementation which will be made available after further review and testing.
  7. Integrated System Representation: QGO focuses on visualizing and detailing opportunities to create value for both people and nature, showcasing the interconnectedness of sustainable development.

QGO has three functions:

  1. display value-generating sustainable project possibilities
  2. highlight the people and resources that would make these suggested projects profitable based on a community's economic, social, and environmental needs, and
  3. optimize the layout of projects to provide an integrated infrastructure. It models sources (green) to interconnectors (yellow) that make transactions of some type possible to targets (red).

Planning for Demand

Our Users

Developers and Investors: Looking for profitable sustainable investment opportunities with integrated infrastructure and comprehensive project planning.

Sustainability Professionals: Needing tools to identify, analyze, and visualize interconnected sustainable projects.

Communities and Local Governments: Seeking to implement sustainable projects and achieve economic growth.

We aim to facilitate the energy and carbon transition by providing a comprehensive and data-driven platform for project development and optimization, making clean energy and other associated projects high-profit, high-impact.

QGO is designed to identify, co-locate, optimize, and visualize profitable sustainable projects within a user-defined are, particularly those in geothermal energy given its high potential for positive impacts.

Today, a well up to 9,000 ft deep can be drilled in 21 days. Cost: $4.8 million1 or $533 per foot, at an average rate of 428 feet/day.

[1] Fervo Energy Is Quickly Making Geothermal Cheaper - Heatmap News



QGO is designed to maximize energy and resource flows over networks that can become large. We've iterated on the best ways this can advance sustainability.

Any roadmap should include a map.

QGO Globe View

QGO - connecting funding sources to clean energy project developers to project sites

OpenQGO - our community version, demonstrating the concept.

Mission possible.

Through our work, we redefine what is possible.

If it is within the laws of physics and human capability, if knowledge, technology, and funding exists somewhere in the world, then "impossible" becomes a logistics problem.

A solvable problem. On its way to being solved.

These are the people at TerraNexum, committed to solving sustainable and inclusive growth. A significant challenge for this decade, according to McKinsey.

Leading by example.

Dahl Winters

CEO, TerraNexum Inc.
Member, Board of Directors, Neurodiversity Works

2003 - B.S. Biology, Duke University
2009 - M.S. Ecology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2009
2024 - PhD, Systems Engineering, Colorado State University (expected)

2014 - 2nd place, Google GovDev hackathon
2015 - CEO/CTO, DeepScience Ltd. Innovation and technology consulting in science and sustainability.
2017 and 2022 - ranked in the top 5 of 500,000+ solvers by award amount on commercial innovation challenges at InnoCentive (now Wazoku). Some of the challenges won include:
Novel Treatment of Water to Remove Salt and Boron (2014)
Retrievable Device for Islet Transplantation (2015)
New Applications for By-Products of Salt Crystallization: Enabling Carbon Removal and Storage through a Gypsum-Based Organo-Mineral Blend (2021)
SatSecure: Modular Cubesat Cybersecurity with Electromagnetic Malware Detection (2022)
Acoustic Superresolution with AI for Enhanced Spatial Detail in Frequency-Wavenumber Plots (2024)

LinkedIn - Dahl Winters
LinkedIn - TerraNexum

Past professional problem-solving performance. Here we solve problems. Words can come after actions.

Our Team


Oscar A. Quezada
Geoscience and Renewable/Conventional Energy

Thomas J. Bogdan
Climate Science and Federal Projects

Loren M. Winters
Education and Outreach

Extended Team

Our pre-market team is lean for operational efficiencies given the current investor climate. As we achieve revenue and conditions improve, we will grow our team accordingly.

We plan to invite a total of 8 members to our Advisory Board in 2024.

Investors seeking an active role on our Board of Directors, please inquire.

We are grateful to our former TerraNexum interns:
Alyson (Allie) Westfall - Environmental Science
Shrila Esturi - Carbon Mineralization, CCS - OpenCarbon
Anish Jahagirdar - Quantum Optimization - OpenQGO

Investors and Programs

Investors and Cloud Providers

Our Delaware C Corporation has received committed funds from AngelList, available when our open funding round closes. We are also grateful to these programs for allocating enough in-kind support to offset approximately $400,000 of cloud expenses:

Google for Startups - Cloud AI
Microsoft for Startups
AWS Activate
NVIDIA Inception

And for providing additional value through software discounts, training, and events. Our product will provide value to these providers in turn. Through both our use of cloud resources and by onboarding new users.

Industry Registrations

TerraNexum has also been a registered renewable energy contractor with C-PACE since 2022.

C-PACE | TerraNexum

We also have members registered with the Society for Exploration Geophysicists and Geothermal Rising.

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