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Collaboration Opportunities

Partnering with us means that your energy or carbon technology will be seen by a wide range of potential customers for use on projects. We work closely with project developers to identify new and innovative technologies that can help them to install more quickly and/or at a lower cost, and therefore earn more revenue from a larger volume of projects. This benefits us as well because of our revenue sharing model.

For carbon capture technologies that turn CO2 into products, we can help our commercial and industrial property owners to identify and take advantage of these valuable opportunities. Property owners themselves may not have a need for CO2 in products, but their commercial and industrial tenants might, and having a plant on-site that can provide such CO2 (perhaps from boiler emissions) could be attractive to green businesses they wish to attract due to the rapid growth of that market. Carbon captured this way can often be used in innovative ways that provide even greater value with less emissions than carbon derived from fossil sources.

Selection Process for Technology Partners

Our selection process for technology partners is rigorous, and based on the market readiness of the technology and its benefits. We evaluate whether the technology can be faster or cheaper to install and operate than other technologies currently available, and where it can be shipped. We also assess the scalability of the technology and its potential for long-term growth.

A first step for us is to examine your website as well as other publicly available documents and supporting publications that you are able to provide about your technology. Our interest is in learning how your product or system can get energy saved and emissions reduced in a better way than what is already on the market. This information will help us so we can advocate favorably on your behalf

Contact Us to Discuss A Partnership

If you have an energy or carbon technology that you believe could benefit our customers, we would love to hear from you. Our team of experts can help you to understand the market potential for your technology, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the clean energy revolution - get in touch with us today.