The Earth. Connected.

Develop and Deploy with Great speed.


Our Process

Our core business is to accelerate the energy transition, and one significant way in which we do that by helping project developers get more projects developed and deployed.

An unbooked calendar equals an absence of revenue that could be coming your way, at a time when energy and carbon projects should be happening everywhere. Thus, our aim is to have a core group of project developers; eventually able to cover as much of the world as possible, and to send a flood of projects to each one until every calendar is overflowing.

How We Prepare Customers

We understand that as a project developer, you may have different focus areas or specializations when it comes to energy and/or carbon technologies. That's why we work closely with our project developers to learn about their specific areas of expertise and the types of projects they are most interested in pursuing. Through this understanding, we can provide our customers with a quick overview of your services and how working with you can help them meet their needs.

As part of our process, we provide property owners with a pre-assessment to identify the energy and carbon reduction opportunities that are most relevant to them. This pre-assessment is designed to be short and simple, and it will help project developers to understand the scope of the potential project and identify cost savings when it is time.

By preparing customers in this way, we are able to streamline your process of developing and deploying projects, ensuring that you are well-equipped with the information needed to provide a comprehensive project proposal.

High Tech, High Touch

Technology is not just something that gets deployed on projects. It can also be used to greatly enhance the customer experience and to streamline the project development process. That's why we leverage advanced technologies such as quantum computing, geospatial analysis, and artificial intelligence to identify and evaluate energy and carbon reduction opportunities.

However, we also understand that connections and long-term relationships are critical to successful project outcomes. That's why we work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are met and their questions are answered, at any time throughout the process. We are committed to providing a high-touch experience that is tailored to each customer's unique situation and goals.

As a project developer, you are also an essential part of this high-tech, high-touch approach. Your company's deep expertise and industry knowledge will be central to every project, and you will be working just as closely with the property owners we send your way as you do with every customer you serve. With the added benefit of having us to help you develop customized solutions, as well as solutions that can be installed faster and at lower cost. By helping you to find ways to complete projects faster, we can find ways to free up time so you can get through your project pipeline.