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Climate tech. It’s a huge market needed to address a huge challenge. But far more climate tech marketplaces exist than there are customers – in renewable energy and energy storage and especially within carbon removal. As energy bills continue to rise for property owners, not knowing there are ways to be both more profitable and sustainable is likely the biggest factor that has been holding then back from getting their projects done. Which means longer delays for climate tech investors to see returns on their investments. Which translates into a globally slow energy transition, occurring at the speed of molasses.

There is no need to create yet another marketplace adding to the many in existence that have even fewer customers. Instead of more marketplaces, more places need adding to the market.

TerraNexum aims to unlock this highly inverted market, pairing high-tech with high-touch to get projects on the ground and serving property owners with excessive energy bills who do not know they can get energy and carbon projects done in a profitable way.

We source the highest-value, highest-impact commercial and industrial property owners in an area and get them into our project developers’ pipelines so that renewable energy, energy storage, and CCUS/CDR projects can be done with both greater volume and velocity. We do our sourcing through the internal use of our geospatial quantum optimization software. No one needs to use it themselves because we connect the property owners to the project developers we have revenue sharing agreements with. We also connect them with PACE private financing and other incentives so the property owners we serve can see increased net operating income on day one when their systems get installed. We also serve as a distributor for energy and carbon technology vendors, helping to get their tech out to a broader market with every property owner we connect with.

Energy Assessment and Recommendations

An initial energy assessment can be conducted remotely using publicly available energy, emissions, and geospatial data about a commercial or industrial property. This assessment typically involves gathering information about the property's energy usage, identifying areas where energy waste is occurring, and recommending energy-efficient upgrades.

To conduct an initial energy assessment remotely, TerraNexum uses geospatial quantum optimization software to identify the highest-value, highest-impact commercial and industrial property owners in a given area. The software takes into account factors such as the property's location, size, and energy usage to identify those properties that are most likely to benefit from energy-efficient upgrades.

Once these properties have been identified, TerraNexum connects them with project developers who have revenue sharing agreements with the company. The project developers then conduct a more detailed energy assessment of the property, which may include on-site inspections and analysis of energy usage data. Based on the results of the assessment, the project developers recommend energy-efficient upgrades that can be made to the property.

Innovative Financing

TerraNexum also helps property owners pay for their clean energy upgrades and emissions reduction strategies by connecting them with innovative financing options such as the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. PACE is a financing mechanism that allows property owners to finance energy-efficient upgrades and pay for them through a special assessment on their property tax bill. This allows property owners to make energy-efficient upgrades without having to pay the full cost up front.

In addition to PACE, TerraNexum also connects property owners with other incentives and financing options such as grants, rebates, and loans. By providing access to these financing options, TerraNexum helps property owners overcome the financial barriers that often prevent them from making energy-efficient upgrades and reducing their carbon emissions.

Overall, TerraNexum is committed to unlocking the highly inverted climate tech market by pairing high-tech with high-touch to get projects on the ground and serving property owners with excessive energy bills. By providing energy assessments, connecting property owners with project developers, and offering innovative financing options, TerraNexum is helping to accelerate the energy transition and reduce carbon emissions.

Your Partner for Energy and Carbon Solutions

TerraNexum works closely with project developers and energy/carbon marketplace owners to help commercial and industrial (C&I) customers find the most inexpensive way of achieving the savings they want to achieve on both their energy bills and their emissions. Besides sourcing new projet opportunities, we also provide support to our partners in the form of data analysis, project management, and ongoing technical assistance.

Our data analysis includes the use of geospatial quantum optimization software to identify the highest-value, highest-impact C&I property owners in a given area. We then connect these property owners with project developers who have revenue sharing agreements with TerraNexum, ensuring that the property owners get the best possible deal on their energy-efficient upgrades.

As part of our project management support, TerraNexum works with project developers to ensure that all energy-efficient upgrades are completed on time and within budget. We also provide ongoing technical assistance to property owners to help them understand and maximize the benefits of their upgrades.

TerraNexum is committed to remaining a long-term partner with every C&I property owner we serve. We understand that sustainability is an ongoing process, and we want to be there to assist property owners with any energy or carbon questions they may have.

To support this ongoing partnership, we provide regular updates to property owners on new technology and business developments that would likely be of interest to them from both a cost savings and new revenue generation standpoint. We also offer ongoing technical assistance and training to property owners and their staff to ensure that they are getting the most out of their energy-efficient upgrades.

Overall, TerraNexum's sustainable partnership approach helps to ensure that C&I property owners achieve long-term energy and cost savings, while also reducing their carbon emissions.