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Flow Maximization 101

Below are seven principles that help to guide our company's work.

1) Perhaps the biggest obstacle to progress is not being aware of what flow is. When there’s a pressure to do something that’s larger than the resistance to doing it, something ends up flowing.

2) What ends up flowing is already described in every language and field of expertise, but when we’re all in our siloes we can’t see how all the same things have been talked about in so many places. Here are just a few examples:

Energy flow
Resource flow
Information flow
Data flow
Cash flow
Power flow
Fluid flow
Knowledge flow
Traffic flow
Material flow
Process flow
Communication flow
Streamlining flow

3) The leap that would be helpful for us all to make is to recognize that each of the flows above can be maximized. When that happens, progress is made, and more progress will be made even faster, the faster these flows get maximized.

4) Figuring out the best plumbing arrangement to maximize all these flows, particularly cash flow in the process of accelerating clean energy and sustainable resource flows, is what we spend most of our days doing at TerraNexum.

5) Flows flow much more easily when they’re not being forced to go uphill. For a faster, more profitable energy transition, this is essential to understand. Otherwise things like the event mentioned in this article tend to happen…essentially a 53% reduction of flow in the venture capital portion of the economic network, backing up flows and thus progress throughout the rest of the network.

6) Despite this slowdown, knowing that sustainability investors are interested in us is a positive sign. Because, despite what has happened in the investment world, our approach to solving what’s essentially a plumbing problem does seem to be a bit unique.

7) The most important lesson of all - recognizing that by increasing someone else’s flow, you increase your own. In direct proportion, likely weighted by the proportion you’re able to increase their flow.