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Open Source, Open Hardware: For a Wide Open Future.


Overview of Open Source Projects

At TerraNexum, we believe that open source software and hardware are critical components to achieving sustainable development. Our commitment to open source projects is rooted in the belief that open collaboration and knowledge-sharing will lead to more innovative and effective solutions to address the challenges of sustainability.

On this page, we present an overview of our open source projects, including our flagship EMiTS metric for optimizing energy, matter, and information flows, as well as our OpenAccelerator project, which aims to make documentation more accessible and user-friendly. We also provide resources for those who want to get involved in our projects and develop sustainable technologies, as we recognize that open source is only as strong as the community that supports it.

How to Get Involved

1) Explore our GitHub repositories to see our open source projects, and consider contributing to one that aligns with your interests and skills.
2) Join community forums to connect with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainable technologies and open source development.
3) Attend events and webinars to learn more about open projects in energy and carbon and to network with others in these fields.
4) Consider joining our team as a volunteer or intern to gain hands-on experience with our projects and to contribute to the development of sustainable technologies.

Resources for Developing Sustainable Technologies

1) Begin curating a list of resources for learning about sustainable technologies and open source development, including online courses, books, and tutorials. This could be your first open source repository that you could share with others.
2) Connect with industry experts through mentorship programs that pair individuals with experienced professionals who can offer guidance and advice on their projects.
3) Apply for research grants to receive funding for your open source projects - there are many grants focused on sustainable technologies.
4) Explore job boards to find opportunities to work with our partners and other organizations in the field.

By getting involved in our open source projects and utilizing the resources you find for developing sustainable technologies, you can gain valuable experience and knowledge that can benefit your academic research or industry careers, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future.