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For Property Owners

Energy Savings
EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager: Helps building owners and managers track energy use and savings over time, and estimate the return on investment for energy efficiency improvements.
Energy Star Savings Calculator: Helps businesses and individuals calculate the energy savings of upgrading to Energy Star-certified appliances and equipment.
Enervee Marketplace: Includes a variety of energy savings calculators for different types of products, such as TVs, refrigerators, and light bulbs.

Carbon Footprint
CoolClimate Network: Offers a carbon footprint calculator that takes into account household energy use, transportation, and food choices.
Carbon Footprint Ltd.: Offers a range of carbon footprint calculators for individuals, businesses, and products.

For Project Developers

Project ROI (Return on Investment)
NREL System Advisor Model (SAM): Helps project developers and investors with evaluating the financial viability of renewable energy projects.

EMiTS Calculator v1.0

Try out our calculator that serves up fixed "prices" for every product or service based on the quantity of energy, matter, and information that is being moved over time and space. One unit of EMiTS has a value of 1.